COVID-19 and our on-going renovations

May 1, 2021

Dear Beloved Guests and Neighbors,

Last year we felt helpless as we witnessed so many people suffer with loss, economic hardship, and uncertainty. We desperately wanted to share the healing magic of this place with everyone who needed refuge--to invite people to walk the dunes, hike the trails, and enjoy the wide open spaces here--but too few were able to come. 


We are lucky to take care of a property that is filled with so much history. We draw strength from our connection to the people who came before us who persevered through adversity we can scarcely imagine. The Desert itself is a story of ecological devastation, but also one of resilience. You only have to look at the mosses and lichens slowly reclaiming the Desert at the edges to have hope for the future.


Big changes are afoot at the Desert! Over the winter we successfully completed a 2-year re-zoning effort in collaboration with the Town of Freeport and our neighbors that paves the way for us to reimagine the Desert of Maine as a place where people can come together, learn about history and science, relax, have fun, and be inspired by the artists who perform here. We have big plans which you can read about here. Please have patience with us this season as are planning and executing several simultaneous renovation projects. We are building a Fossil Dig experience for kids, building new (gorgeous) A-Frame cabins in the campground, building an 1800s Farmhouse, (re)building the Buried Spring House (buried since WWII!), restoring the Tuttle Barn as a performing arts venue, and building a mini-golf course. Those are just the highlights!


We are so excited to welcome guests back to the Desert this year! We will be following the Maine CDC guidelines, but we have lots of open space here so things will be mostly normal again. We look forward to seeing you!


Mela and Doug Heestand

Owners of the Desert of Maine