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Glamping Tents

Everything you need is already here

We have several glamping tents available that have everything you need already set up for your camping getaway! Our canvas tents are completely waterproof, and beautiful!

The Luxe

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The Stargazer

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Our most spacious and comfortable glamping tent with a queen bed and queen sleeper sofa.  Sleeps 6. 
A spacious 19' diameter bell tent with a dramatic high ceiling and windows that allow you to see the stars while you sleep! Sleeps 4.


Rates fluctuate based on the season, day of the week, and availability. Usually, the further you book in advance, the better the rate. However, there are definitely last minute deals if we are not fully booked!  

Discounts / Fees

  • 10% off campground reservations for members

  • 15% off mini golf / general admission to the Desert of Maine for campground guests

  • $20/night per dog -- Sorry, we know is a lot but dogs cause the vast majority of damage to furniture, blankets, etc. and they require a very thorough cleaning of each glamping tent.

Pro Tips

  • If you are looking to book a particular glamping tent (or a type of glamping tent) but your chosen dates are unavailable, you can leave the dates blank and click "Search". The results will show all of the sites and then you can click on a specific site and see that it has its own calendar. Clicking on that calendar, you can see the dates are the available (the dates that are greyed out are unavailable).
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