• Julie

Big plans for the big barn

If you've never seen the barn, it's big, it's beautiful, it has seen better days. Enter the esteemed Arron Sturgis and his swat team of craftspeople at Preservation Timber Framing. They have completed their initial assessment and plan for the short-term rehabilitation and long-term reconstruction of this historic lady. This summer the barn will provide shelter for visitors and the occasional get together. Then PTF will disassemble it tie beam by tie beam, bent post by bent post, to investigate, repair, and rebuild. Next summer it's walls will sing. We cannot wait to get started!

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We are closed for the 2020 season. We will be continuing our extensive renovations over the fall, winter, and spring. We hope you will visit us next year to see our progress!

You are welcome to walk the dunes while we are closed.