• Julie

Investigating the history

Here Mela is interviewing David Goldrup, the son of Henry Goldrup who first set up the Desert of Maine tours. Mela has been tirelessly pursuing a detailed history of both the social and the geographic kind. That's Belle Fall on the right. She's putting together a video overview of that history. You'll be seeing and hearing more from her. She's one of the many amazing locals we are working with to build something meaningful. #desertofmaine #exploremaine #livinghistory #visitfreeport #bfvideography

open daily 9am - 5pm for self-guided walking tours

Admission is $10. 

Kids 5 and under and all Freeport residents are free.

Camping is closed for the 2020 season due to COVID-19
(but we'll be back better than ever next year!)