• Julie

Opening Day 6/15/19

At last we have a date! We will open for tent camping June 15, 2019. Soon you will be able to make reservations on this website. (As stated previously, there will be no RV spots.) We are deep into phase 1 renovations, and we'd like to have it done before welcoming our first campers. We are expanding the tent spaces and gradually adding cabins - a few this season, a few next season. We are removing the fence, a couple of small buildings, and the above ground pool. We're adding open space, outdoor seating, and lawn games. We're also renovating the bath house. And, we're looking forward to sharing it all with you. #newfriends #seasonone #desertofmaine #mainecamping

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We are closed for the 2020 season. We will be continuing our extensive renovations over the fall, winter, and spring. We hope you will visit us next year to see our progress!

You are welcome to walk the dunes while we are closed.