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A mini golf course with fountains and sculptures, shaded by an oak tree with red and orange leaves, landscaped with grey concrete rocks, brown fencing, shrubs, and curved greens.

Mini Golf

A Fun & Challenging Mini Golf Course!

The Desert of Maine has a new, modern 18-hole "adventure" mini golf course that is as unique as the Desert itself! It features beautiful landscaping, water features, challenging hole designs, and sculptures from the Desert’s history!
We are open rain or shine, with the exception of ongoing severe weather that makes it unsafe for visitors and staff to play or work on the course. 

NOTE: Tickets for mini golf are separate from general admission tickets. That is, you are not required to purchase general admission tickets to play mini golf! Advance tickets are not required.

See our FAQ below for more information about planning your visit, accessibility, groups, and more!




Adults:                    $12

Kids (12 & under):  $11


• 50% off for same-day replay
• 10% off for seniors (65+)

• 10% off for active duty military

• 10% off for members​

• 20% off for groups of 20 or more

• 50% off for Snap/EBT/WIC/

Mainecare program participants

The Hermit of Maine smiles warmly and stands with his arms outstretched. He has a bright red beard and hair, wears a white polka dot shirt, black and green pants with suspenders, and and black shoes.


Season Pass

Can't get enough mini golf? We are now offering a season pass that gives you the option of playing unlimited mini golf for the entire season! Members enjoy a $20 discount on Mini Golf Season Passes!

Season Pass


Adults:                    $99

Kids (12 & under):  $89

• $20 off for members!

Group Visits

For groups of 20 or more, we offer a 20% group discount. You don't need to contact us ahead of time to coordinate unless you are bringing a large group (>40) during our busiest times which are weekend afternoons in June, July, and August. We ask large groups to break into groups of 4-5!
Mini Golf FAQ

Mini Golf FAQ


Do I need to buy tickets in advance for mini golf?

No! You can buy tickets in person day-of. 

If I buy mini golf tickets, can I also go explore the dunes? 

Mini golf tickets are separate from our general admission to the Desert of Maine. General admission gives you access to the dunes, exhibits, and various features of the Desert. If you are also interested in experiencing the Desert in addition to mini golf, check out the combo ticket we offer. 


I want to bring a group of people to play mini golf, do I need to make special arrangements? 

If you plan to bring a group of under 40 people, you do not need to coordinate with us in advance. If you plan to bring more than 40 people, please reach out ahead of time. Certain days and times may be more challenging for us to accommodate larger groups. All groups, regardless of size, will need to split up into smaller groups of no more than 5 people per group to play the course.


How long does it take to play the whole course?

It is an 18 hole course, so depending on your group size, how busy the course is, and your pace, it could take 30-60 minutes.

Does the course ever fill up? 

Yes, weekend afternoons, and some weekday afternoons, particularly in July and August, can be especially busy for us, and may result in short wait times for new players to get started. 

Are pets allowed on the mini golf course? 

We only allow ADA-designated service dogs on the mini golf course. 


Is the course accessible?

Mostly. Holes 4-7 require navigating a couple stairs down and a moderate incline up. The rest of the course is accessible and includes curb cuts to allow access to and from each hole. Adjustable putters with ball retrievers are available upon request.

When is the latest I can show up before closing and still be able to play?

We will allow you to start a new game any time before our posted closing time. 


If I haven’t finished my game and it’s time to close, will I have to leave? 

No, we always let people finish their games, we just won’t allow any new games to begin after our posted closing time. 


Is mini golf open rain or shine? 

Generally yes, we will remain open even in the rain. If we are forecasted for ongoing thunderstorms that last for the remainder of our open hours for the day, we may close due to safety concerns. We post these updates on our social media, but you can call or text us to confirm in the event of a storm. 


When is mini golf the least busy? 

Usually the first and last hour of the day are the least busy. Weekday mornings are generally lighter in mini golf attendance. Weekends and weekday afternoons, particularly in July and August are the most popular times for mini golf and may result in short wait times for new games.

Mini Golf Tour

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