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A mostly black train engine car with red and gold details sits among small pine trees in the woods

Train Ride

Hop on board our electric train, fashioned after an 1800s Maine Central Railroad train, and enjoy a ride around part of the dunes and woods! The train covers about a half-mile loop, stopping at many of our visitors’ favorite exhibits, including Gemstone Village, Fossil Dig, and the 1800s Farmhouse.

Train Schedule
Peak Season (June, July, August): Daily, 10am-3pm
Shoulder Season (May, September, October): Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,

*Please note that while we hope to have the train available as much as possible, we will not be able to operate in poor weather, if we are short staffed, or if we experience maintenance concerns that must be resolved before it can be operated again. 
The train is a fun way to enhance your experience or get around this landscape, which may not be easy to navigate for everyone. Since visitors get on and off frequently, the loop is quite short (about 7-8 minutes total), and it does not span the whole property, the train is not set up as a traditional “tour,” in which visitors stay for a set duration and listen to a guide. Instead, in the coming weeks, we will be equipping the train with short-form information about the Desert of Maine to make the ride informative and fun. 

The best way to learn about the history, geology and ecology of the Desert of Maine is to take our self guided Ecology Tour and history tour that spans a mile loop!

To view the train route and other exhibits, check out our
site map here!
A black train with red accents and gold details sits parked on a gravel road with tall pine trees behind it on the left and sand dunes on the right. Two passenger cars  are behind the engine car, and a few passengers sit on the right side of the cars.

Train FAQ

Is the train free?

The train ride is included in general admission to the Desert of Maine!


Where do you get on the train?

The train runs on a loop through a portion of the dunes and woods, so the best place for visitors to get on the train is at the bottom of the dunes. There is a stone bench and sign marking where visitors can wait for the train.


How long is the ride?

It is about 7 minutes for the whole loop.


Can the train accommodate groups?

The train seats about 36 people, which varies depending on whether visitors are kids or adults and how close people sit together. If you are coming to the Desert of Maine with a larger group (20+), depending on the timing, you may not all be able to board the train at once! Please plan accordingly.


Can I bring my stroller or mobility device on the train?

Yes, if you have a stroller or mobility device that folds up, you can easily put it on the train. There is a ramp in the back for strollers and mobility devices that do not easily fold, and the driver can assist you.


Can I bring my dog on the train?

Yes, dogs can ride the train with you!

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