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A rustic partially shaded wooden playground with a swing set, climbing structure, and hollow moose hideout to play in.

Plan Your Visit

Buy Tickets, Get Directions, Come Prepared


We are open seasonally from the May - October

General Admission (dunes & exhibits):

Daily: 9am - 6pm

Mini Golf & Oasis Snack Bar:

Mon: 9am - 7pm

Tue: 9am - 7pm

Wed: 9am - 7pm

Thu: 9am - 7pm

Fri: 9am - 9pm

Sat: 9am - 9pm

Sun: 9am - 7pm

Train Rides:

Daily: 10am - 3pm



  • On very rainy or windy days, check Facebook to see if we are closed

  • As long as you start your mini golf game before we close, you can finish!

  • After 6pm you can access General Admission by checking in at mini golf

  • The Welcome Center and Gift Shop will close at 6pm every day

  • The train may not run some days due to mechanical issues, staffing, or inclement weather

  • We are open on all holidays from May to October


We are located at 95 Desert Rd in Freeport which is 2 miles north of exit 20 off of 295, at the dead end of Desert Rd.


General Admission

Includes access to the dunes, train (if running), and all of the exhibits.


Adults:                             $19

Youth  (ages 4-18)

& Students w/ ID:          $15

Mini Golf 

18 holes of mini golf

Adults:                             $12

Youth (18 & under)

& Students w/ ID:         $11


• $2 off mini golf with purchase of general admission
• 10% off for seniors (65+)

• 10% off for active duty military
• 20% off for groups of 20 or more

• 50% off for Snap/EBT/WIC/

Mainecare program participants

Explore the Possibilities

What could a day at the Desert of Maine look like? Whether you're interested in spending a day exploring Maine history and ecology, playing on the dunes, or you want to enjoy a round of mini golf, there are a lot of ways to fill your day with fun, discovery, and magic! Plan ahead by exploring what the Desert of Maine experience includes:

Please note: If you are interested in riding our new electric train as part of your experience, please be aware that the train operates 10am-3pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during September and October, dependent on staffing, weather, and maintenance issues! 

Buy Tickets Online

Reservations are not required but you can save yourself some time when you get here by buying your tickets online!  If your plans change, no worries, your tickets will be waiting for you for the rest of the season.

Grab a bite to eat!

Our classic snack bar serves grilled hot dogs, kielbasa, kettle corn, homemade lemonade, ice cream, penny candy, locally roasted coffee, and more! 


Watch the Video!

It's really helpful to watch our short animated history video to help everyone in your group (kids included!) get the most out of your visit. What happened here and what things will you discover when you come? The video is fun and entertaining.

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Four people sit on a wooden bench overlooking sand dunes

Rules, Safety, & Etiquette

  • The Desert and all of its features are here for you to enjoy, but please do so respectfully. Do not remove or damage parts of exhibits or the natural landscape.

  • ​The Desert of Maine is a tobacco- and drug-free property, including the campground — no smoking or vaping please.

  • Well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome on the dunes! Obviously, please clean up after them. Other types of pets are not permitted. 

  • Only ADA-designated service dogs are allowed on the mini golf course.

  • Young children must be supervised at all times.

  • Please make sure you leave the premises by our posted closing time.

  • Firearms are not permitted on the property.

  • Visitors are expected to follow directions from Desert of Maine staff

  • Unvaccinated guests are encouraged to wear masks inside the Welcome Center and when within 6' of guests from other groups

  • Additional, adorable information from our well-intentioned lawyers


Our goal is to make the Desert of Maine as accessible as possible for all people. This is a natural landscape and 100-year-old tourist attraction of varied ground coverings, elevations, and new and old buildings, but we aim to create as many opportunities as we can for people to enjoy the Desert, mini golf, the campground, and the various events that take place here. To learn more, click the button below.

A blue beach wheelchair sits on sand dunes next to a sign reading "Welcome to the Desert of Maine" and a brightly painted camel statue.

Plan Your Visit FAQ


If I bought tickets online, how long are my tickets valid?

All season! 


If I bought tickets online and I can no longer visit, what should I do? 

Email us at


I am interested in buying tickets online, are any of the discounts available for online orders? 

Yes, only a couple of our discounts are available digitally, our active duty military discount and senior (65+) discount can be used when buying online tickets. All other discounts are available in person.

If I buy admission to the Desert and decide after that I want to play mini golf, can I still get the $2 off combo price? 

Yes, we can still honor the "combo" ticket pricing if you decide to start with just the dunes, or just mini golf, then add the other afterwards on the same day. Please let staff know when you do so. 


How long do people spend exploring the Desert?

It really depends on your pace, interests, the weather, and many other variables. We have a 1-mile loop that can lead you to many of the major sights while giving you an overview of the history, geology and ecology of this place. Some people spend an hour here while others spend a few.

What should I bring with me to the Desert?

We recommend comfortable footwear, sun protection, bug spray, and something to drink, especially if it’s hot out.


Are pets allowed to go out into the Desert?

Yes, we allow well-behaved dogs on a leash. Please make sure to clean up after your dogs. Other types of pets are not permitted. Only ADA-designated service dogs are permitted on the mini golf course

When does the train run?

Our electric train runs approximately 10am-3pm daily during July and August and 10am-3pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during May, September, and October. The train schedule is dependent on staff availability, weather (rain and heat), and maintenance.

Does the train cost extra?

No! It is included with general admission tickets.


Is the train a narrated, guided tour? 

The train primarily offers an extra mode for visitors to get around portions of the property. It allows a break from walking, and can be a fun way to enhance your experience. In the future we may add more educational opportunities for the train ride. 

For those with mobility concerns, or who can't walk the dunes, will the train take them around the whole property? 

The train runs on a loop through a portion of the dunes and woods, but due to it's design, it cannot drive the whole property easily, and therefore is not a perfect solution for those who cannot navigate the dunes or the property. To get to the train, visitors must navigate through the Welcome Center, up our boardwalk, and to the bottom of the dunes to get to the first train stop. 

Do strollers work in the sand?

All-terrain strollers work best on the dunes. We have two that are available to visitors on a first come, first served basis.


Do wheelchairs work in the sand?

Most manual wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs will have difficulty moving through the sand. We have a beach wheelchair available for visitors to use on a first come, first served basis, however it does require someone to push it. 


Are there changing tables in the restrooms?

Yes. Our Welcome Center has two accessible, all-gender restrooms and both are equipped with changing tables. 

Are there picnic tables there where I can sit and eat if I buy food from the snack bar?

Yes! We have a seating area by the playground and snack bar where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream, hot dogs, and drinks.


Am I allowed to bring my own food? 



Can I bring food and drink out into the Desert?

Definitely! Please make sure to bring any trash and empty bottles back with you. 


How long does it take to play the whole course?

It is an 18 hole course, so depending on your group size, how busy the course is, and your pace, it could take 30-60 minutes.

Does the course ever fill up? 

Yes, weekend afternoons, and some weekday afternoons, particularly in July and August, can be especially busy for us, and may result in short wait times for new players to get started. 

Are pets allowed on the mini golf course? 

We only allow ADA-designated service dogs on the mini golf course. 


Is the course accessible?

Mostly. Holes 4-7 require navigating a couple stairs down and a moderate incline up. The rest of the course is accessible and includes curb cuts to allow access to and from each hole. Adjustable putters with ball retrievers are available upon request.


I want to bring a group of people to play mini golf, do I need to make special arrangements? 

If you plan to bring a group of less than 40 people, you do not need to coordinate with us in advance. If you plan to bring more than 40 people, please reach out ahead of time. Certain days and times may be more challenging for us to accommodate larger groups. All groups, regardless of size, will need to split up into smaller groups of no more than 5 people per group to play the course.

Accessibility at the Desert

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