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Things to Do
Features and Exhibits at the Desert of Maine

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Self-Guided Tours

A mile-long path of interpretive signs take you through the fascinating history, geology, and ecology of the Desert. Meander at your own pace.

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Train Ride

Ride our 1800s-style train around the dunes to make it easier to get from exhibit to exhibit.

Note: Train runs approx 10am-3pm daily depending on staff, weather, and maintenance.

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Historic Barn

The only remaining structure from the once fertile Tuttle farm, this 1700s barn tells a story going back to the early years of our nation.  
NOTE: currently being restored

Model T - _joeypedras.jpg

Model T

Take a family photo in a Ford Model T like the ones that traveled Rt.1 in the 1920’s when the Desert of Maine became one of Maine’s earliest roadside attractions.

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Secret Sandbox

An incredible sandbox for younger kids filled with construction vehicles and a digger you can sit on!
...And isn't it ironic... don't you think...

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Concert Venue

We are currently completing a restoration of the Tuttle Barn as a breathtaking performing arts venue.

Expected for 2025

A wooden passageway leads inwards towards a welcoming hand-painted sign and two paths to the right or left. In the background, a green house-shaped structure with a window comes up over the first wall and trees stand tall behind it.

Gemstone Village

An imaginative labyrinth where kids can find numerous treasures including a wishing bridge, a hobbit house, and a wishing bridge. Kids can find and keep their three favorite gems!

Buried Spring House 2.jpg

Buried Spring House

A gazebo built atop a natural spring and buried under 25ft. of sand since WWII. The site was excavated in the spring of 2021 and is currently being reconstructed from historic photos.

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Hiking Trail

We have a hiking trail that winds around the back side of the dunes through the beautiful forest that surrounds the Desert.

Mini Golf - Fountains - Night - small.jpg

Mini Golf

Our brand new 18-hole mini golf course tells the story of the Desert of Maine. It is challenging and fun for all ages! 

Story Walk.jpg

Story Walk

A nature walk combined with signs showing pages of an illustrated children's book about the Desert of Maine from the perspective of Pierre, a grain of sand!

Two small children sit and crouch in the sand with brushes and rakes to uncover a skelton form partially buried in the sand.

Fossil Dig

A hands-on experience where kids can use tools and techniques of paleontology to uncover fossils that would have been found on the ancient sea floor just beneath the Desert sand.

Gemstone Village-23.jpg

Natural Playground

A one-of-a-kind natural playground featuring a lookout tower (with binoculars!), swings, a slide, log jumble, cargo net, see saw, and a moose play structure.


Oasis Snack Bar

Serving classic snacks and beverages including kettle corn, hot dogs, ice cream, lemonade, penny candy, and fresh-baked treats. 

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Gift Shop

A charming, 1930s-era gift shop where you can purchase tickets, ask for information, and shop for the perfect keepsake. Unique and interesting!


1800s Farmhouse

A fully restored early 1800s farmhouse, similar to the one that housed the Tuttle Family, set up as a living history museum.
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Site Map

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