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Events and Rentals

Birthday Parties

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The Desert is a perfect place for an utterly unique birthday party. Kids can run, climb, and play in a place that is engaging, fun, and big enough to contain their energy and excitement.
Adults can rest assured that the property is safe and well-contained, allowing them to enjoy the moment.

Tuttle Barn

The 200+ year old Tuttle Barn is one of the most historic barns in all of Maine, set on the rolling sand dunes of the Desert. It is currently being fully restored and will be ready to host private events by the middle of September. The Tuttle Barn is a perfect location to host family gatherings, corporate events and retreats, local group meetings, or whatever else you can imagine. 
  • Seating and parking for 200+
  • A loft for smaller groups​
  • Full access to the dunes/exhibits included as part of the rental fee
  • Luxury campground on-site with A-frame cabins, lawn games, and more​
  • Snack bar, access to a grill, and a location for food trucks

Desert Tent

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New this year is our 20'x40' frame tent overlooking the dunes! We use this tent primarily for Birthday Parties, but it is also perfect for adult parties, music, or meetings!
  • Seating for 72 people
  • Coolers, ice, tables, chairs, place settings included
  • Large TV available for presentations
  • Sidewalls available to protect against the elements
  • Access to the dunes/exhibits for 1 hour included (additional time available)

Events Calendar

Throughout our season, we host events such as musical performances, plays, and guest speakers. Our events are organized by our non-profit, the Desert of Maine Center for Arts & Ecology, which operates on-site. 

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